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Monday, February 5th, 2024 Video and Audio Program

We are live today from the AgMarket.net Farming for Profit, Not Price Conference in Nashville, TN and we will be featuring a few conversations from the conference today and tomorrow on the program.

In an audio only conversation, we sat down with Dave Hightower from The Hightower Report, who is speaking at the conference, to get his thoughts on the commodity markets and where things stand currently amid all of the bearish weight that is on the markets.

Eric Snodgrass from Nutrien Ag Solutions joins us live in Nashville and gives us a weather outlook as we begin the month of February. Sign up for his newsletter and more online at https://www.ag-wx.com.

Jacob Burks from AgMarket.net shares some details with us about the company’s redesigned and revitalized app that launches on April 1st. He goes over what the app can do for farmers and ranchers and more. You can visit https://www.agmarket.net for more details.

***AUDIO ONLY*** We also kicked off the show discussing the conference with Brian Splitt from AgMarket.net.



We also recap Monday’s market action and the good strength in soybeans with John Heinberg from Total Farm Marketing today. Learn more at https://www.totalfarmmarketing.com.

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