FWS Rejects Call to List Wolves in Rocky Mountain States Under ESA

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently denied a request to list wolves under the Endangered Species Act in Rocky Mountain states. After an extensive assessment, the Service announced a not warranted finding for two petitions to list gray wolves under the ESA in the Northern Rocky Mountains and the Western United States.

Gray wolves are listed under the ESA as endangered in 44 states, threatened in Minnesota, and under state jurisdiction in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and portions of eastern Oregon and Washington. Based on the latest data as of the end of 2022, there were approximately 2,797 wolves distributed across at least 286 packs in seven states in the Western United States. This population size and widespread distribution contribute to the resiliency and redundancy of wolves in this region. Environmental groups are weighing options for what may be next.

Erik Molvar of the Western Watersheds Project says, “It is obvious that wolves don’t have adequate regulatory mechanisms to protect them in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, where they are being targeted for extermination by state governments.”