Vilsack: Prop 12 Will Cause Market Chaos

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack didn’t hold back when asked about the potential economic harm of California’s Prop 12. “If Congress doesn’t act, we’re going to have chaos in the marketplace,” Vilsack said in response to a question from House Ag Committee Chair Glenn Thompson.

California’s Prop 12 went into effect on January 1 and placed housing restrictions on farms that ship pork to the state. By setting production standards in other states, California is regulating interstate commerce, which Prop 12 opponents say is an authority reserved for the federal government.

“The reality is that when each state has the ability to define for itself and its consumers exactly what farming techniques are appropriate, it creates the possibility of 50 different sets of regulations,” Vilsack says. “That means no certainty for producers.”

He also says if the issue isn’t taken seriously, it’ll mean chaos because other states can take the same steps.