RMA Expands Insurance Option for Nursery Growers

USDA Risk Management Agency is expanding crop insurance tailored for nursery producers to all counties in all states.

Nursery Value Select is a pilot program that enables nursery producers to select the dollar amount of coverage that best fits their risk management needs. Its expansion is part of USDA’s Risk Management Agency efforts to provide insurance options for a broader group of producers, including specialty crop producers.

RMA Administrator Marcia Bunger says, “This insurance option meets a critical need of American nursery producers.” Nursery Value Select provides similar but improved coverage to the longstanding Nursery Field Grown and Container program. The program also covers field-grown and containerized nursery plants and offers coverage levels between catastrophic and 75 percent.

Before the expansion, the program was only available in select counties in nine states. Beginning with the 2025 crop year, Nursery Value Select will be available in all counties in all states.