Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 Video and Audio Program

We saw Chicago and KC wheat lead a mostly “risk-off” trading day in the markets on Tuesday as corn and soybeans also were slightly lower. Tyler Schau with AgMarket.net joins us to discuss market sentiment and what he thinks of the spring U.S. acreage battle potentially already heating up in areas like the Northern Plains. Find more information on their team and reach out online at https://www.agmarket.net.

Also on today’s show, Kelly Garrett is a 6th generation farmer who runs a 7,000 acre no-tillage operation growing corn, soybeans and winter wheat in western Iowa (Arion) with his sons. His focus on soil health, yield stability and innovation has led to multiple honors from the National Corn Growers Association, including top yield honors in no-till irrigated. In 2020, Kelly became the first farmer in the nation to sell carbon credits and has been participating in Truterra’s carbon program for 3 years. Jesse Allen talks with Kelly to learn more about his story, his relationship with Truterra and more during the 2024 Commodity Classic. Find more details on Truterra as well at https://www.truterraag.com.