AM Radio Act Gets Enough Support to Pass the House

The AM for Every Vehicle Act has hit the magic number of voting co-sponsors it will need to ensure passage through the House of Representatives. Sponsors of the House legislation, led by New Jersey Representative Josh Gottheimer, announced they had picked up the 218th voting supporter.

The majority of votes is necessary because Kentucky Senator Rand Paul blocked a bipartisan-driven majority consent vote in November. He’s seeking to override the AM mandate and instead use the legislation to end electric vehicle subsidies under the American Vehicle Tax Credit. As the bill moves closer to the goal, the Department of Transportation is ready to implement the legislation. In a February interview, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said he’s “ready to run with the Act the moment Congress gets it done.”

The Act has picked up massive public support, including more than 400,000 emails, letters, and social media posts directed to Senators and Representatives.