USDA Hosts Workshops on Nursery Insurance Option

The USDA has expanded its Nursery Value Select Crop Insurance program to all counties in all states, and the USDA’s Risk Management Agency is offering informational workshops for interested producers.

These sessions will be valuable for producers in the newly expanded areas and especially for the Nursery Field Grown and Container crop insurance program, which ends beginning with the 2026 crop year. Nursery Value Select is a program that enables nursery producers to select the dollar amount of coverage that best fits their risk management needs. It’s expansion is part of RMA’s efforts to provide insurance options for a broader group of producers, including specialty crop producers.

“At the RMA, we always want to provide producers with the strongest crop insurance resources and options possible,” says RMA Administrator Marcia Bunger. “That’s why the expansion’s significant because we can now reach every producer in the country.” For more information, go to