Export Sales Down Across the Board

The USDA says sales of soybeans and grains to overseas buyers dropped during the week ending on March 28. Soybean sales dropped to 194,200 metric tons, down 26 percent from the previous week and 54 percent from the prior four-week average.

The report says China was the big buyer at 154,000 metric tons, followed by Egypt and the Netherlands. Exports for the week dropped 30 percent to 549,000 tons. Corn sales for export were down 21 percent from the previous week and four-week average to 948,000 tons. Japan bought 339,000 tons, followed by Mexico and Colombia. Exports for the week reached 1.64 million tons, the highest amount since the marketing year began, and up 33 percent over the prior week.

Wheat sales reached 16,000 tons, down 95 percent week-to-week and 89 percent from the four-week average. USDA said exports of wheat rose 27 percent during the week to 518,000 tons.