Cases Of The Bird Flu Discovered In A Herd Of North Carolina Dairy Cows

(Raleigh, NC) — The North Carolina Department of Agriculture has confirmed several cases of the bird flu have been detected in a herd of dairy cows.

HPAI has previously been detected in dairy herds in six other states. North Carolina State Veterinarian Dr. Mike Martin says cows from a herd in Texas that had not been showing signs of HPAI were shipped to Idaho, Michigan and Ohio and subsequently presented clinical signs of the illness. It was then learned that cows from that same herd had been transported to North Carolina.

State health officials say the discovery poses no threat to the public, because all milk is pasteurized before being allowed to enter the marketplace. As a safety precaution, HHS is cautioning residents not to consume or prepare foods with raw milk.

Thanks to Mike Davis, Southern Farm Network, Raleigh, North Carolina for contributing to this story via NAFB News Service