TFI Releases Latest Report on Fertilizer Industry Sustainability

The Fertilizer Institute Monday released new data highlighting industry improvement in sustainability performance of workforce safety, energy and the environment, fertilizer use, and industry innovation.

TFI has collected data since 2013 on metrics that provide insight into the industry’s sustainability efforts. The data announced Monday was gathered in 2023 and reflects industry operations in 2022. Participating members reported a total of 25 zero-discharge facilities, at which all wastewater is recycled. Farmers in the U.S. have a nitrogen use efficiency of 70 percent, which is much higher than the world average of 55 percent. The 2023 4R Advocates had an average of 100 percent nitrogen use efficiency.

TFI President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch says, “Each step of the supply chain is focused on doing more with fewer resources while limiting impacts on communities and the environment.” The data includes metrics on segments of the fertilizer industry, including fertilizer use on farms, worker safety, energy and environment, and industry innovation.