Bright Forecast Ahead for U.S. Sugar Industry

File photo by Kayleigh Omang, 2023.

The University of Missouri’s Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute recently released its outlook for U.S. agriculture. They project that American sugar production remains strong and is expected to grow despite challenges seen over the past couple of years. Those challenges include factory closures in Montana and Texas.

“Despite the new and existing challenges, the forecast is bright for American sugar production as long as the farmers’ safety net is strengthened,” says Dr. Rob Johansson, director of economics and policy analysis at the American Sugar Alliance.

Most of America’s sugarbeet growers are planting their crops, while California’s growers have started their harvest. Sugarcane producers in southern states are finishing their harvest. USDA is forecasting a near-record 9.2 million tons of sugar will be produced in the U.S. this year, meeting about 74 percent of U.S. demand with domestically-produced supplies. That would make America the fifth-largest sugar producer in the world.