Farmers, Firefighters Join Forces to Eliminate Forever Chemicals

Firefighters rely on various tools to do their jobs, including firefighting foam to combat fires. However, traditional foams are risky due to harmful PFAS, or “forever chemicals.”

With farmer investment, the safer alternative called SoyFoam eliminates this exposure, prioritizing the well-being of the nation’s first responders. A partnership between Cross Plains Solutions and the soy checkoff gives firefighters one less thing to worry about while they keep our communities safe. SoyFoam is 100 percent free of intentionally added PFAS and is certified as biodegradable by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. It’s also certified 84 percent biobased through the USDA’s BioPreferred Program.

Another benefit of SoyFoam for the soybean industry is that it’s made with soy flour, using the meal component of soybeans. “One of our main priorities is to create biobased alternatives that are safer for people and our environment,” says Steve Reinhard, chair of the United Soybean Board.