Food Prices Rise Slightly in April

The U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization’s Food Price Index reached 119.1 points in April, up 0.3 points from its revised March level. The increase in the Meat Price Index and smaller upturns of Vegetable Oil and Cereal indices slightly more than offset decreases in those for Sugar and Dairy products. Although it registered a second monthly rise in April following a seven-month lower trend, the Index was down 9.6 points, or 7.4 percent, from its corresponding value one year ago.

The biggest jump took place in meat, with the index at 116.3 points in April, up 1.9 points from March, the third-consecutive monthly increase. The Sugar Index took the biggest drop, falling six points, or 4.4 percent, to 127.5 points in April. The Vegetable Oil Price Index averaged 130.9 points, up 0.3 points month-on-month, hitting a 13-month high. The Cereal Price Index averaged 111.2 points in April, also up 0.3 points.