First USDA Trade Mission Dedicated to Indigenous Products

Alexis Taylor, USDA Undersecretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs, is in Vancouver, Canada, for a first-of-its-kind trade mission. The mission is intended to develop export markets for Tribal and Native Hawaiian businesses and products.

“This historic trade mission showcasing products from Tribal and Native Hawaiian producers is long overdue, and Canada couldn’t be a better host country,” Taylor says. “Indigenous nations on both sides of the border share strong historical connections to their lands, trading networks, and agricultural practices.”

Taylor is also proud to represent USDA with the unique opportunity to be the change that stakeholders want to see in the industry.

“USDA continues seeking opportunities to support Tribal and Native Hawaiian priorities, including the restoration of vital trading networks for their agricultural resources,” she adds. “International relationships are an excellent tool for strengthening agricultural communities and businesses at home.”

Taylor is leading a delegation of officials from 15 Tribal agribusinesses.