USDA Recognizes National Pollinator Week

This week is National Pollinator Week. The USDA is recognizing and celebrating the event as pollinator species like bees and other insects, birds, and bats all play a critical role in producing more than 100 U.S. crops.

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the nation’s farmers depend on a vibrant ecosystem to feed and fuel communities, and pollinators are a big part of that. “This week and every week, it’s critically important that we protect pollinators and their habitats,” he says. “Healthy pollinator populations are essential to the continued success and well-being of agricultural producers, rural America, and the entire U.S. economy because, without them, many of our nation’s crops wouldn’t be able to produce as many fruits, nuts, or vegetables.”

USDA supports the critical role pollinators play in the food system through research, data collection, diagnostic services, pollinator health monitoring, pollinator habitat enhancement programs, pollinator health grants, and financial assistance programs.