Indigo Ag’s Carbon Program to Deliver Record Carbon Credits to Microsoft

Boston, MA – June 20, 2024 Indigo Ag today announced that Microsoft has agreed to purchase 40,000 agricultural soil-based carbon credits from the company’s third carbon crop, issued in February, representing the largest number of credits ever delivered by Indigo Ag to an individual buyer. These credits are verified and issued in accordance with the requirements of the Soil Enrichment Protocol of the Climate Action Reserve, one of the world’s most trusted independent carbon registries.  

Microsoft selected Indigo Ag’s carbon program to introduce soil carbon removals in its  climate action portfolio to help the company to progress toward its 2030 goal to become  carbon negative. The agreement underscores demand for robust, science-backed  agriculture soil-based credits and the valuable role they can play in climate action, as well as reflects the increasing maturity of the voluntary carbon market.  

Indigo Ag’s Carbon program is underpinned by the company’s scientifically peer reviewed measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) capabilities which inform the robustness, integrity and durability of credits, and enables growers to realize the value of adopting and sustaining new practices that generate them.  

Indigo Ag continues to deploy its MRV capabilities, beyond its carbon program, to enable companies in the agri-food value chain to reduce their Scope 3 emissions and to produce low carbon intensity crop feedstocks for biofuels. To date, Indigo’s Sustainability Solutions have reduced and removed over 340 thousand tons of GHG emissions and saved over 19 billion gallons of water used in agriculture

Commenting on today’s announcement, Dean Banks, CEO at Indigo Ag, said: “Today’s  announcement is a major milestone for Indigo’s Carbon program and our increasing  range of ag-based sustainability solutions. Microsoft is a leader in corporate climate action, a highly influential player in carbon removals and shares our commitment to support the transition to a more resilient and sustainable agriculture system.” 

“Our program’s selection by Microsoft is a significant win for science-based, high integrity agricultural soil carbon credits. We have uniquely and substantively invested in the scientific rigor of our program since 2018 to meet the strict standards of premier crediting programs like the Climate Action Reserve. We are working with our partners to enable growers to benefit from valuable, durable new revenue streams that reward them for their efforts in changing practices.” 

Brian Marrs, Senior Director of Energy and Carbon Removal at Microsoft said: “Soil organic carbon restoration is vital to the future of food systems, economies and climate change mitigation. We are pleased to collaborate with Indigo Ag to advance both the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices and the soil organic carbon scientific evidence base,” 

For more information, visit Indigo Ag’s Buying Ag Carbon Credits page: