Gavins Point Releases Continue to Decline on the Missouri River

Inflows into the Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River near Omaha, Nebraska, have dropped to nearly 10,000 cubic feet per second. Current releases from Gavins Point are 20,000 CFS and are lowering to 16,000 CFS on Thursday.

“We will reevaluate the conditions on Friday, June 28, and if inflows into the Gavins Point Dam from unregulated tributaries continue declining, we may have an option to lower the releases to 13,000 cubic feet per second to reduce the impacts downstream from Gavins Point,” says John Remus, chief of the Missouri River Basin Water Management Division.

Average daily inflows to Gavins Point in June are 32,000 CFS, with average daily releases from the Fort Randall Dam upstream making up 28,900 CFS of the inflows, leaving 3,100 coming in from tributaries and rainfall. The current pool elevation at Gavins Point is 1,207.8 feet and slowly declining. The average elevation for June is 1,206.1 feet.