Survey Shows Americans’ Support for EV’s and Solar is Declining

A Pew Research Center survey shows some Americans are driving a decline in America’s support for certain renewable energy sources. While solar and wind power remain popular, support for expanding them is dropping.

In 2020, solar expansion had the backing of 90 percent of the people surveyed, and that’s now down to 78 percent. Wind has seen a similar dip, from 83 percent in 2020 to 72 percent now. “Although broad public support for renewable energy is still there, the breadth of that support is less widespread than it was four years ago, or even one year ago,” says Alec Tyson, the report’s lead author and associate director of research at Pew.

The Pew report, titled, “How Americans View National, Local, and Personal Energy Choices,” shows tempered interest in EVs. Survey respondents are showing reluctance to embrace initiatives like phasing out gas-powered vehicles. Three in ten Americans would consider buying an EV.