Unique Program Pays Illinois Farmers to Improve Soil Health

American Farmland Trust and ADM are launching the next season of a program that supports Illinois farmers and the environment. The ADM re:generations™ Program in Illinois encourages farmers to incorporate regenerative agriculture practices into their operations while offering financial incentives for doing so. Enrollment begins in May.

The ADM re:generations™ program continues offering flexible contracts to farmers who are willing to adopt cover crops, no-till, and-or provide data to calculate carbon-intensity scores. The program provides payments to farmers who enroll in the program, and carbon assets generated from participation are being claimed by ADM. Farmers can enroll new practice acres as well as previous practice acres. In 2023, AFT and ADM had a very successful year, surpassing their enrollment goal of 225,000 acres enrolled in cover crops throughout the state. The companies also enrolled 630,000 acres in emissions scoring.

Enrollment is open and more information is available at farmland.org.