AMI Calls for Worker Protections at Beef Facilities

As the USDA issued a nationwide order requiring lactating dairy cows to test negative for HPAI before transport, the American Meat Institute says that properly prepared beef remains safe to eat.

The Institute is asking the USDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide worker safety guidance specific to beef processors to ensure workers get better protected from infection. “We’re calling on the agencies to issue additional specific guidance to ensure USDA Inspectors and meat company workers stay protected from infection,” says NAMI President and CEO Julie Anna Potts. “We will continue to work with USDA, state and local veterinarians, and our cattle producer partners to both stop the spread of the virus and to ensure beef production continues.”

She also commends the USDA and CDC for working overtime to understand the spread of the virus and to determine its effects on the health of people and animals.